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Points of Return by Mike Lala

Winner of the 2021 Ghost Proposal Chapbook Contest. Edition of 100. Printed + assembled in Northampton, MA. $15. 

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Walked a hallway of the constant shifting commons

someone called the present the future

as they glided past gilt-framed mirrors

divergent   whole

About the Author

Mike Lala is a poet and performance writer living in New York City. He's the author of The Unreal City (Tupelo Press, 2023), Exit Theater (Colorado Prize for Poetry, 2016), and several chapbooks including Points of Return (Ghost Proposal, 2023), and is a contributing translator to Tales of Dionysus (Univ. of Michigan Press, 2022). Lala’s installations, performance, and libretti include Whale Fall (2021), Madeleines: Tell Me What It Was Like (2020, with Iris McCloughan), Oedipus in the District (2018–19), and Infinite Odyssey (2018). www.mikelala.com