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Ghost Proposal is a journal and press founded in 2012. We publish work that transcends or sits outside of traditional notions of genre.


Our archive of past issues can be found here


Nora Claire Miller

Nora Claire Miller is a poet and multidisciplinary artist and the author of the chapbook LULL. Their work has appeared in The Paris Review, FENCE, Chicago Review, Bennington Review, and elsewhere. Nora holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. 

Kelly Clare
Kelly Clare is an artist and writer and the author of the chapbook NEARLY EARLY ARTLY NEVER (Greying Ghost, 2023). She received an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Iowa. Her visual and literary work appears in FENCESecond Factory, Tagvverk, New Delta Review, and Prelude. She was a resident at the Vermont Studio Center in 2019.

Alyssa Moore

Alyssa Moore is a poet and visual artist with degrees from Harvard and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her work has appeared in Poetry, Bennington Review, Boston Review, Hyperallergic, Tagvverk, and Futurepoem's futurefeed.

Naomi Washer, Co-Founding Editor/Editor-in-Chief (2012–2022)

Patrick Thornton, Managing Editor (2016–2022)

Zachary Zalman Green, Co-Founding Editor (2012–2013)


Email us at ghostproposal [at] gmail [dot] com.