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Sarah Jedd

We Woke Up & It Was Morning

what we need is to throw a no-fuss
the sun rose up with a lemony tang
in the truck stop garden,

            carrots end up in ribbons, you were making out with someone else

                        this saves:
                                    1,472 trees
                                    100 tons of paper
                                    500 gallons of fuel

            today, nobody is permitted to starve,
            CLEAN OFF, running to the nearby river


I went as far as the truck went,
in a flash
boxes store small trinkets:

            -you & the earth
            -two grapefruits halved crosswire
            -the light texture of the punch of red

      (canister pop)

This sink is lovely and forgiving.

turning once,
I make a copy & put it in a protective sleeve
without keeping you up at night.

Sarah Jedd wants everyone to know that Chicago governs her heart and that New Hampshire is only a pit stop. She bags prescriptions for an independent pharmacy in the light hours and makes Mai Tais for a Japanese steakhouse by night. Recent poems can be found on bar napkins or in the Summer 2012 issue of Phantom Limb.