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Michael Robins

Nothing Stays Buried

Birds convey blister
so I marry

                  By droves
the blackbirds plunge

sinking their feathers
dark inside a heart

Ardor strays elsewhere

Rattlesnakes steal away
no luck

             As ever sliding,
wagering a side on love

A recession of balloons

Bright & Garish

Unable to cease
loving blatancy

Whose scar I loved
until a new siren
neared the flames

Stayed anyway, me

Your volunteering
reckless & flesh

gladly marching
into an emergency

Michael Robins
is the author of The Next Settlement (UNT, 2007), Ladies & Gentlemen (Saturnalia, 2011), and the chapbook Little Felons (Strange Machine, 2013). He teaches literature and poetry at Columbia College Chicago.