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Three Poems  

Inna Krasnoper

Notes on “have you seen a noun?”

“топчутся люди” [topchutsya lyudi] translates from Russian as “people are milling about.”

The final two lines are from Alexander Vvedensky’s "An Invitation for Me To Think,” translated by Matvei Yankelevich.



Inna Krasnoper is a poet and artist living in Berlin. She received a BA in “Dance, Context, Choreography” (UdK Berlin) and studied at the School of Engaged Art by “Chto Delat” Collective. Inna locates her practice at the interstices of movement & writing, developing visual and verbal aspects of the poetry and working with performance-installation. She is an author of 2 video-poetry pieces: “in other words”, “fol-lo-w-ing the voice”. Publications in English (and multilingually) include: SAND Journal, Pocket Samovar, Slanted House Zine, Bridge Poetry Berlin, This Container, Dvoetochie, and stadtsprachen magazin. Her first book with Russophone poetry came out in 2021 at Voznesensky Center.