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Haesong Kwon

Little Marriage 

A nail twists
off in mild labor. Through oval

window you take
the joke

to passing clouds.
That’s not

what I was saying, but the high
cheekbones of peasantry

hog up the melancholy.
You was a monk and I

a brazen hussy who wouldn’t work
for pennies.

Not Fugly

Not so weird
is it Humongo, being

here, being
dying. Anymore

no one nods
at a final minority.

Useless too, to know
us obese

as the most advanced.
In slighter days

we’d jazz June, rain
in our pockets, electric

doors to walk into.

Haesong Kwon
lives and works in Stillwater, Oklahoma, home to Pistol Pete. He's lived elsewhere in the U.S., though born in Incheon, Korea. He's happy to be here.