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Adam Stutz

Some Baleful Erstwhile

Etiquette for the Comments Section

Ode to an Idle Guitar

Etiquette for the Comments Section

Steps for a Safe Disassembly

  1. This side up—pull your good feathers
    from burlap sacks
    of unanswered letters.
  2. Crack a shell on a uniform +
    build a new domestic
  3. Let the spoon rest on the lids
    of the eyes at rest.
    Do not boil over.
  4. This side down—now a diatribe for
    the tight wires
    of misgivings by phone.
  5. Via diction/via rule
    /via road/via blood
    /via spit/via love.
  6. Smooth the sheets
    of the incandescent
    wet streets
    of your bed w/ a trowel.
  7. Cook your argument
    for three-minutes behind
    the epiglottis—until the eyes
    are sufficiently crossed.
  8. This side up—fold the arms
    of all of your dress shirts
    diagonally along the banks of
    an empty river.
  9. Tilt the head forty-five degress
    until you run
    parallel w/ the rain.
  10. There are no sides—
    just space—
    Play the angel in waiting.

Adam Stutz
is the the co-curator of the Non-Standard Lit Reading Series with Mark Wallace and Jeanine Webb. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Equalizer: Second Series, White Stag, The Cultural Society, A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Prelude, Be About It, Deluge, Dum Dum Zine, The Pinch, and Where is the River. He is the author of the chapbook Transcript (Cooper Dillon Books, 2017) and The Scales (White Stag Publishing, 2018). He currently resides in San Diego, CA.