Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open January 1 – April 1 (summer issue) and July 1 – October 1 (winter issue).

Our annual chapbook contest is open for submissions from May 1 – July 31 (fall publication).

We publish poetry, essays, images, multimedia, hybrid, cross-, multi-, and post-genre work. We are interested in work that does not sit comfortably inside genre labels—work that bends or pushes against traditional limitations; that mixes, blends, and steps outside of the normal bounds.

The best way to understand what we're looking for is to read our Special Feature: Hybrid Forms & the Post-Genre Approach.

Annual Chapbook Contest

We seek cohesive manuscripts that deal in hybrid, cross-, multi-, and post-genre approaches. We are interested specifically in project-based work; while pieces within the manuscript may be disparate, they should resonate as a whole.

Reading period: May 1-July 31, annually
Contest will be judged by the editors.
Winner will be announced on September 1.
Winner and finalists will be notified via email prior to September 1.
The winning manuscript will be published in the fall following the reading period.

We reserve the right to extend the deadline if a manuscript is not selected from the original reading period.

Reading fee: $7

Winner receives: 25 copies of the manuscript.

Fine print:

Book Reviews Guidelines

We accept submissions of book reviews year-round.

Books reviewed can be by our contributors or within the realm of our post-genre aesthetic. Reviews will be accepted on a rolling basis and published on our blog. There is no minimum or maximum word count and we are open to all styles.